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"We will join you at cards, Madame Grandet," said Madame des Grassins."We might have two tables, as we are all here." wig types.com phone number

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"As it is Eugenie's birthday you had better play loto all together,"said Pere Grandet: "the two young ones can join"; and the old cooper,who never played any game, motioned to his daughter and Adolphe."Come, Nanon, set the tables."

"We will help you, Mademoiselle Nanon," said Madame des Grassinsgaily, quite joyous at the joy she had given Eugenie. wig types.com reviews

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"I have never in my life been so pleased," the heiress said to her; "Ihave never seen anything so pretty."

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"Adolphe brought it from Paris, and he chose it," Madame des Grassinswhispered in her ear.

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